Hitech International

Hitech International is the sales office of Jinfu Prototype in North America.

  • China cost + Western quality
  • Save 50-80% on your prototyping, tooling and molding cost
  • Short delivery time; first-class guaranteed
  • One-stop solution - quality mold design, prototyping, trial and mass production
Jinfux Jinfux Jinfux Jinfux Jinfux

As one of the largest prototype manufacturers in China, Jinfu has been providing professional services in the domain of prototyping, checking fixtures, mold manufacturing and small productions since 2002.

Jinfu has 588 enployees, including more than 200 engineers and technicians, serving fields including automotive, aerospace, electrical, medial appliance, etc.

Since 2005, Hitech has brought thousands of plastic prototype parts to North America (ABS, PC, acylic, PP, PE, POM, nylon, foam, rubber, metal, SLA/SLS, 3D printing, etc.).

Jinfux Jinfux

Jinfux Jinfux

We offer the following design, rapid prototype, prototype mold, small production services:

  • CNC model mock up
  • Rapid prototype molds
  • Product design via rapid prototype creation
  • Part scanning and reverse engineering
  • Part post-processing and finishing
  • SLA/SLS rapid prototype
  • Small productions
  • 3D printing
  • Urethane/aluminum/zinc casting

Tel: (514) 885-3285
Email: slei@hitechca.com ; hecmold@hotmail.com

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